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Vision and Values

One of the main features that identifies our school is our beautifully designed emblem. The design captures St Justin’s desire to understand the truth about God. It features the scriptures at the centre of the emblem. St Justin grew to love the bible and used his great knowledge to explain and defend the faith. 

The cross both recognises Christ as the centre of our faith and also symbolises our connection to the local and universal Catholic Church, as the school is an integral part of the local Parish,  Diocese of Wollongong and the Universal Church

The motto, Faith, Reason and Harmony is linked to St Justin's capacity to find harmony between faith and reason in his search for religious truth. The colour of the emblem is driven by red - the colour of martyrs, with the use of blue and green to represent the natural environment and world around us, which is the focus of God’s revelation. 

Our school is an integral part of the Parish of St Mary Mackillop parish community, which is one of 32 parishes within the Diocese of Wollongong. The Diocese stretches from Helensburgh on the coast to Milton/Ulladulla in the south and west as far as Moss Vale and North through Macarthur. 

Our purpose is to support the families of this parish community in forming disciples who joyfully live out the mission of Jesus, we accomplish this by:

  • embracing all with radical hospitality;
  • serving with humility;
  • nourishing the faith and learning of all; and
  • responding to those in need

St Justin

St Justin’s was chosen as our school patron. He was a person who strongly defended the faith which resulted in him being put to death or martyred for his faith.

As a young person St Justin was an avid reader of the scriptures and as he became older he wrote prolifically. St Justin’s was responsible for documenting the rite of Baptism and some of the ceremonies of Mass.

As a school community we want our students to develop the academic skills to help them to solve problems and make a positive impact in the world. 

St Mary Mackillop

Our association to the Parish of St Mary Mackillop has resulted in our school adopting St Mary MacKillop as a co-patron.

As Australia’s first saint she is a woman whose life had the capacity to lift people’s spirit as she encouraged them, particularly the poor, to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Her heart was grounded in God’s mission, loving tenderly the many people who shared their troubles with her.

This school is situated on the land of the Dharawal nation.

To assist the students in understanding the rich cultural heritage of this land, we have used the Dharawal season of the year as our six school house colour groupings.

In this way we help the students to understand through story, the culture and something of the unique flora and fauna of this land.

When students are first enrolled in St Justin’s they will be allocated one of our house colours listed below:

  • Red - Marrai'gang
  • Green – Ngoonungi
  • Yellow - Parra'dowee
  • Purple – Wiritjiribin
  • Orange – Burran
  • Blue – Burrugin